Elijah’s Echo Ambassador Program is the first of its kind and has a two fold approach. First and foremost our ambassadors support our every day mission. We are providing our ambassador program to children with or without food allergies & asthma across the nation and globe BUT....more importantly our ambassadors learn skills that make them better, more confident youngsters, with skills that carry over into adulthood. We build EQ (emotional quotient) by training and assisting them with their specific ambassador objectives and role. Every step of the way the Elijah Alavi Foundation will guide them and assist them as they:

  • ✓  Share their story and build confidence and empower

  • ✓  New Ambassador will receive Elijah’s Echo swag, educational materials so much more.

  • ✓  Advocate for themselves and others in their school and community

  • ✓  Create awareness of the growing concerns of asthma and food allergies

  • ✓  How to fundraise for a good cause

  • ✓  Support lasting impactful change

If you looking to sign up your school or class to be an amabassador send me a message for more details.

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