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Allergy Awareness

Food Allergy Awareness: How To Talk To Your Child's Teacher

If your child has food allergies, one of the most important parts of keeping them safe is discussing allergy awareness with their teacher and other educators at their school or daycare. When you talk with your child's school about food allergies, you want to make it clear that your child's situation is serious - and that you're not simply being overzealous about dietary preferences.

While your word should certainly be enough that your child is dealing with food allergies, it may also help to bring a letter from your child's pediatrician. The school can keep this on file as a part of your child's record, and it can travel with your child from grade to grade. This can be an important document if some of your child's teachers are unable to meet with you, and instead rely on looking at classroom alerts and student files in order to learn important information about the students in their classroom.

As the parent of a child with food allergies, you know how hard it can be to promote allergy awareness. Working with your child's teacher to help them understand your child's food allergies is a great place to start. Many people don't understand how severe food allergies can be, and it's key that your child's teacher understands just how dangerous it can be for your child to be exposed to their allergen. When you talk to your child's teacher about allergy awareness and help them understand how to keep your child safe, you're helping both your child and students with food allergies that the teacher will have in their classroom in the future.

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