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Elijah's Law

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What is Elijah Law ?

Elijah's Law is a legislative effort aimed at ensuring the safety of children with food allergies in childcare centers and daycare facilities. It is named after Elijah Silvera, a three-year-old boy who died of an allergic reaction to a dairy product in 2017.

In response to this tragedy, the law was introduced in the states of New York, Illinois and Virginia to provide guidelines for the management of food allergies in these facilities.

The key provisions of Elijah's Law include:

  1. Development of Policies: The law requires childcare centers and daycare facilities to develop and implement policies for managing food allergies. These policies should outline the procedures for responding to a food allergy emergency, including the administration of emergency medication and the provision of care for a child with an allergic reaction.

  2. Staff Training: Staff members are required to be trained in recognizing the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, a severe and potentially life-threatening allergic reaction. They must also be trained in the use of emergency medication, such as epinephrine auto-injectors, and in providing first aid to a child with an allergic reaction.

  3. Availability of Emergency Medication: The law requires childcare centers and daycare facilities to have emergency medication readily available at all times. This includes epinephrine auto-injectors, which are used to treat anaphylaxis.

  4. Parental Information: The law requires parents to provide information about their children's food allergies. This information should be included in the child's medical record and should be updated regularly to ensure that staff members are aware of the child's specific allergies and how to respond in an emergency.

The goal of Elijah's Law is to increase food allergy awareness and to provide a safer environment for children with food allergies in childcare and daycare centers. By implementing these provisions, the law aims to reduce the risk of life-threatening allergic reactions in these facilities and to ensure that children with food allergies are protected while in the care of others.


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